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2007 Sharecropper’s Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, a Value Cab

January 17, 2010
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In a prior post, I lamented the lack of good Cabernet Sauvignon available at reasonable prices and the poor wine one must consume to locate rare exceptions. My quest for value stumbled upon a very nice Cab purchased for under $18. This is a wine to improve any meal centered on red meat.

The 2007 Sharecropper’s Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, produced and bottled by Owen Roe Winery, is a rare find in a world of astringent, mass marketed Cabernet in this price range.

Produced as a shared venture with the vineyards, the winery site refers to the wine as:

This label hearkens to the spirit of the old sharecropping ideal of a partnership between landowners and the laborers who toil producing the crops. With an oversupply of grapes, we decided to put some of our excess first-rate fruit into neutral barrels and essentially split the profits with the vineyards.

With a deep garnet color in the glass and strong legs from the 14.1% alcohol, the aroma hints of pepper, spice, fruit, and is initially a little musty similar to more Italian styled wines. The flavors of pepper, currant, and berry, with limited tannin, combine with a smooth mouth feel to make for a very food friendly and drinkable wine.

While not a big Cab for cellaring, even the wine maker’s notes recommend to drink now, this is a very well crafted and flavorful wine I am looking to purchase again.

Rating: 2$, 3q, 3v

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