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2009 Goose Island “Sofie,” Belgian Styled Ale

January 18, 2010

From cellaring, to bottle, to glass, to flavor, the 2009 Goose Island “Sofie” has more in common with fine wine than beer. Even the brewmaster indicates treating this bottle like wine, with tasting notes suggesting cellaring for up to 5 years and an image of a wine glass on the bottle as serving suggestion.

Available in a 650ml bottle for around $6, this beer is made to savor with food. Pouring revealed a medium yellow, slightly cloudy beer that developed a medium head, but the foam didn’t interfere with the first sip. The aromas from the glass were active with floral notes, hints of citrus, and light hops.

The beer clean and crisp, but has complex flavor with a hint of citrus, hops, and smooth finish. This was an enjoyable diversion from wine and still a value.

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