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Prairie Vodka

March 30, 2010
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Wine is wonderful, but sometimes something else hits the spot. While there seem to be innumerable brands of premium vodka available in the United States imported from everywhere else like France, Holland, Finland, and sometimes Russia. In these times of eat and drink locally, what’s available?

My current favorite is Prairie Vodka, from Phillips Distilling and their happy, locally sourced, co-op grown, and entirely green production process. As stated from their facebook page:

Crafted in Benson, Minnesota by a fifth-generation family of spirit makers and a co-op of over 900 farmers. Micro-distilled exclusively from organic, #2 yellow corn grown nearby the distillery on three family farms, the leftover corn cobs are gasified to provide energy for the stills.

Named “Best New Vodka” by Food & Wine Magazine in 2009 and winner of the Double Gold Medal at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Prairie is beautifully smooth on the palette with hints on melon and pear on the nose. Distilled and bottled in limited quantities, Prairie is not always easy to find, but is now available in the USA, Canada and soon in Europe. Enjoy!

Environmentally friendly, local, tastes great? Please sir, can I have some more?

I don’t have vodka ratings, but we’ll try to accommodate.

Pricing, $21 for a premium fifth, that’s a 1$.

Ultra quality, that’s 4q

This quality at that price, that’s 4v

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