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noakley – Editor and Red Wine Contributor

I am a fortyish father of two raising a family in the midwest.

I enjoy wine with my dinner whether at home or in a restaurant.

I deceive my physician every physical when asked about alcohol intake.  I look him straight in the eye and assure him my intake is limited to a glass a night, or less.  Reality is closer to two and a half glasses a night.  It must be a coincidence a 750ml bottle holds roughly five glasses of wine.

I believe there is good, complex, drinkable wine at all price points and the fun is finding value.  The only challenge with finding a good wine for $100 a bottle is cost.  For most of us, cost is always of concern and as Benjamin Franklin said “A penny saved is a penny earned.”  Contradicting that sentiment is my agreement with the anonymous quote proclaiming “life is too short to drink bad wine.”  Here we are.

el_pedro – Beer Specialist

Man does not live by wine alone. el_pedro will share posts focused on beer with review and discussion specific to the malt beverage, it’s pairing with food, and genre overall.

All opinions, errors or misstatements expressed within thrifty Wine snob are the author/contributor’s alone. Unless clearly stated otherwise, authors have not been paid or otherwise compensated to review or comment on any product, site, or publication.

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