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Wine Ratings

Cost (Retail), expect two to three times this cost in a restaurant.

  • 1$      $15 or less
  • 2$      $25 or less
  • 3$      $35 or less
  • 4$     $45 or less
  • More?   Why are you reading this blog?

Quality, Enjoyability

  • 4q       Amazing, well crafted, age-worthy, a premium example of the style
  • 3q       Very good, better than expected, very drinkable
  • 2q       Okay, nice with food, good enough.
  • 1q       Unless rated $, mediocre to poor, see two buck chuck


  • 4v       Everyday value in a wine good for anytime.  I’m happy with this for any occasion.
  • 3v       Pretty good value, I want better, but not a bad choice
  • 2v       Passable, not a bad wine, but better wines available at this or a better price
  • 1v       Price overweight to quality.  Not for me.
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